Amoghasiddhi Buddhist Centre and World Peace Cafe - Meditation and Buddhism in Norfolk and Suffolk

Amoghasiddhi Buddhist Centre

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Amoghasiddhi Kadampa Buddhist Centre is a special place of peace and refuge in the heart of Norfolk, 15 minutes from Norwich. Located in the market town of Attleborough, it offers a wide range of classes, courses and retreats on Meditation and Buddhism for all levels from complete beginners to more experienced meditators.

We are a Registered Charity and offer classes in meditation in various venues within Norfolk and Suffolk. The aim of these classes is to help people to find happiness and inner peace. Our classes are open to all, regardless of background or spiritual beliefs.

UK Dharma Celebration - at Tara Centre in Derbyshire

UK Dharma Celebration (at Tara Centre)

Learn to Meditate - Finding Inner Peace

Learn to Meditate - Sat. 26th April

NKT Spring Festival
(at Manjushri KMC)

NKT Summer Festival
(at Manjushri KMC)

Free Public Talk in East Dereham on Modern Buddhism

Dereham Free Public Talk - Wed. 1st October