From Giving comes Wealth (cancelled)

Please accept our apologies but this course is cancelled.

From Giving comes wealth – 

‘The immediate effect of cherishing others will be that many of our daily problems, such as those that arise from anger, jealousy and selfish behaviour, will disappear, and our mind will become calm and peaceful’ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso ( Modern Buddhism).

Conventional wisdom tells us that we must gain for ourselves as much as possible. But some people are extremely rich and extremely unhappy whilst some people are poor but very happy. So what is the secret to happiness? Buddhism teaches that generosity and kindness are the qualities we need to develop if we are to gain real wealth and happiness in this life. This course will be exploring the relationship between generosity and happiness from the Buddhist point of view. Suitable for those who have been coming to classes for a while and for complete beginners.

No dates currently scheduled.