Sponsored Walk

Sponsored Walk, Saturday 14th April, all welcome (including dogs!)

From 11am - 3pm

At: Eaton Park, 2 South Park Avenue, Norwich, NR4 7AU

Meeting at 11am at the bandstand, near the café in Eaton Park.

Please bring a picnic.

Refreshments available at the café and toilets.

Car parking is free, but can get busy, so it is possible to park on the road near to the park, but please check for parking restrictions.

We will be doing the "runners route" around the park which is a little over 3 miles or 5km, so 1 lap of the park is 3 miles.

People can do more or less than one lap of the park, so people with children might do 1 mile (1/3 of the park) and people who want to walk further can do more than one lap. People can get sponsored per mile if they wish.

No dates currently scheduled.