Amoghasiddhi Buddhist Centre and World Peace Cafe - Meditation and Buddhism in Norfolk and Suffolk

Volunteering at Amoghasiddhi Buddhist Centre

Amoghasiddhi Centre is a UK registered charity which is run entirely by volunteers, everyone is welcome. We run courses in Norfolk and Suffolk to help all people, regardless of background or spiritual beliefs, to find inner peace and refuge from the stress of modern life.

We currently have a vacancy for the position of Education Programme Coordinator. There main role will be helping to spread Dharma throughout Norfolk and Suffolk by helping coordinate all courses and spiritual activities and by assisting in the design, production and distribution of all promotional material. Please click HERE for more details on this role (opens in a new window).

However, any time you could offer to assist in the following areas would be a massive help to us:

By offering some of your time to Amoghasiddhi Centre you can:

  1. Become part of a positive team dedicated to helping people develop much needed inner peace in their lives.
  2. Make your spare time constructive, beneficial and meaningful.
  3. Gain useful experience to add to your C.V.
  4. Collect a vast amount of good fortune. Because the teachings given by Amoghasiddhi Centre enable others to find inner peace and ultimately the power to benefit all living beings by attaining enlightenment, then everything we do to help Amoghasiddhi Centre creates vast merit. This merit helps us to progress spiritually and also to fulfill our own wish for inner peace.

If you are able to offer any of your time to assist us, please contact Pam Chaplin on 01953 451 937 or by email at Thank you!